18 St Mangos Lane Docklands VIC 3008

Kevin Dong

Senior Property Manager at Yousales

About Kevin Dong

Kevin Dong is a Senior Property Manager at Yousales, known for his talkative nature and delightful sense of humour. With his excellent communication skills and witty personality, Kevin brings a unique and enjoyable touch to his role. As a Senior Property Manager, Kevin takes on the responsibility of overseeing the management of various properties under the Yousales portfolio.

Kevin’s role in property management encompasses tasks such as tenant relations, lease agreements, maintenance coordination, and financial management. His friendly demeanour allows him to effortlessly engage with clients, tenants, and colleagues, fostering strong relationships and creating a positive work environment. Kevin’s ability to establish rapport with those he deals with ensures a positive and harmonious relationship between tenants and colleagues.

Kevin’s dedication and professionalism reflects in his meticulous approach to property management, ensuring prompt and efficient handling of property upkeep, including maintenance, repairs, and inspections. His attention to detail and organizational skills contribute to smooth property operations. Committed to continuous improvement, Kevin stays updated on industry trends, with his proactive approach allowing him to provide top-notch property management services, being able to foresee and address issues in a timely manner, prioritizing tenant satisfaction and minimizing disruptions.

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