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About us

Established in 2008, Yousales is a contemporary real estate brand focused on providing quality services customised to the needs of our clients. Our pride in professionalism allows us to deliver extensive guidance and services for our clients in multiple areas of real estate. For our clients, we provide free insight into the latest intel of the Australian real estate market as well as free counselling in aspects of law, immigration and loans. We also offer services in residential owner-occupier and investment property brokerage, business brokerage and property development. Moreover, with Melbourne as our base, Yousale has established close international networks with countries including Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Indonesia to accommodate for international needs as well. 

Our team

Jessica Chong
Founder , Director , Yousales
With a strong foundation built on integrity and professionalism, Jessica Chong is a dedicated…

Frank Cao
Co-Founder , Yousales
Frank Cao is a co-founder of YOUSALES Real Estate, bringing over 10 years of…

Wenzhe Dong
Partner / Sales Director , Yousales
Wenzhe Dong is a Partner and Sales Director at YOUSALES Real Estate, boasting over…

Jenny Chin
Partner, Asset Manager , Yousales
Jenny Chin is a Partner and Asset Manager at YOUSALES Real Estate, specializing in…

Kevin Wei
Partner, Associate Director , Yousales
Kevin Wei is a Partner and Associate Director at YOUSALES Real Estate, known for…

Jason Chen
Sales Manager , Yousales
Jason Chen is the Sales Manager at YOUSALES Real Estate, known for his honesty,…

Kevin Dong
Senior Property Manager , Yousales
Kevin Dong is a Senior Property Manager at YOUSALES Real Estate, known for his…

Jimmy Jiang
Construction Manager , Yousales
Jimmy Jiang is the Construction Manager at YOUSALES Real Estate, known for his meticulous…

Fiona Zhang
Sales Manager , Yousales
Fiona Zhang‘s real estate career began in 2016 with a successful national- wide property…

Jason Zhang
Short Stay Manager , Yousales
Jason Zhang is the Short Stay Manager at YOUSALES Real Estate, responsible for overseeing…

Jason Tang
Leasing Consultant , Yousales
Jason Tang is a Leasing Consultant at YOUSALES Real Estate, bringing his expertise and…

Gloria Wang
Office Administrator , Yousales
Gloria Wang is the Office Administrator at YOUSALES Real Estate, known for her warm…

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